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Today we wanted to share with you our recipe we use to make our own washing powder.

We started to make our own powder around two years ago now and havent looked back,

Both myself and my daughter have sensitive skin and washing powers and conditioner are something that would irritate and cause itching ,and its no fun having spent all day washing and drying laundry than to crawl into bed after a long day to find your up all night itching and scratching due to using a new powder  😦

Its cheep to make and one batch last months as only one small scoop is needed for each wash and we havn’t noticed any issues with washing not being clean or fresh and our whites are lovely and white!

All you need is …..

1KG Soda crystals (these can be purchased at either supermarkets are smaller local stores and cost between 50p and £1)

1KG Oxy powder ( can be found in supermarkets, pound stores ect )

1 1/2 to 2 bars household soap (any soap can be used as long as it dosn’t contain moisturisers, We love to use pears original transparent soap as we love the smell )

optional .. you can add your own fragrance in the form of essential oil or by using more strongly scented soap or even adding bunches of lavender ect . i sometimes add a cap or two of zoflora in the christmas scent .

Directions .

In a large suitable bucket or container mix the oxy powder and soda crystals,  Finely grate the soap (soap must be finely grated ).

Mix them all together and your done!! coudn’t be more simple. and we even reuse the scoop from the oxy powder..

one scoop for each wash load , two if very soiled .

then use your own conditioner as usual or use a scoopfull of white vinegar in the conditioner drawer in your machine

please remember for stubborn stains they can be pre treated with powder and for stains such as blood soak in cold water and powder or spot treat using a paste of cold water and salt on the area. never put hot or warm water on as this will bake the stain in making it very difficult to remove but as always the faster the strain is treated the easier to remove .

let us know what you think and how you get on and happy washing …..

(pictures to be added when making our next batch x)

.homemade laundry powder


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