Today we are reviewing Glamous Connection salon quality glue on nails.


I’v seen these many times in my local shops and with the average price of glue on nails ranging from £5 – £10 , these at £0.99 got me wondering how well they would do …….




Following the instructions on the back of the packet I sort through the 24 nails supplied to find the correct sizes for my nails,  This isn’t as easy as I thought as there are  more larger size nails then for more petite fingers.

Laying them out in front of me I am now ready to start tackling the application. (nails have been cleaned of any left over vanish or dirt/grease ect)

I start by piercing the tip of the glue tube supplied . I find this difficult to actually get the glue from the tube and a little un predictable as to the amount that comes out. !


I apply glue to both my nail and the fake nail as this is the only way i find i can get them to stick.

The glue is slow to bond and has to have pressure applied untill set other wise an air pocket formed under the nail and was visible . I found the more glue the better with these nails.


How They Did


I think its fair to say with these cheaper is defiantly not better .

Within an hour these were chipped and split , I found this very disappointing as the product doesnt seem to be able to stand up to the lightest of use, these didn’t last long enough to even test for washing up and daily use altho none actually fell of within the few hours I had them on ,within the first hour they looked so awful I put gloved on till I could get home and remove them.

I removed these by simply picking them off , Not something I would normally do but they split so easily this took seconds to do.


I was left with the glue on my nails that had turned a slight yellow colour (yuk) but this is easily removed with a little file




Altho I love a bargain and finding money-saving products these are defiantly not something i will be trying again unfortunatly .




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