We have been luck enough to review this item for AO.com so a big thank you to them and please take a moment to check them out and there amazing offers and items

Hear is what we thought ….

We were very impressed when this item turned up for delivery , being in black it oozes class and elegance and looks very smart in the kitchen .
After unpacking and moving into place comes connecting the dishwasher and this really is as easy as it gets , just the same as a washing machine its the water pipe( cold) waste pipe and plug! done in a flash.
Inside the machine are the instructions as well as some leaflets , you also receive two dishwasher tablets and a small bottle of rinse aid that comes in very handy altho some salt also would have been very handy .
The dishwasher its self is very simple to use and the instructions are also very clear and simple to follow . there are two faster wash setting (one around 30 mins and the other around 100 ) but these do not dry after washing , just load the dishwasher (we had to raise the top rack to allow room for plates in the bottom rack ) pop in the tablet,rinse aid and salt and your good to go!
The dishwasher itself is very quiet and has a very clear display screen making it easy to see how long is left for the wash and when washing and drying or to display more salt or rinse aid is needed .dishes will be very hot after a wash or dry so take care but they come out gleaming .
The only downside to this machine we found was the racks on the top level for glasses ect were too week on the joint, one actually came off in my hand while moving it up with barley any force on the first day of purchase but this is still a very useful feature to have .Overall we are extremely pleased with this item and would highly recommend .


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