Entering Competitions can be a fun and rewarding hobby , whether its to fill a spare lunch time or for a more dedicated hobby it can be fun and well worth while in the long run for some people

It can also be a little daunting starting up and getting to know where to look and find competitions . Hopefully I can offer a little advice and make things a little easier from sharing how I enter competitions and what I have found helpful.


Please note that competitions are very hit and miss when it comes to wins for example you may hear or read about many people winning  thousands of pounds worth of prizes a month  but i have not found this to be the case at all or many competitions friends i have made along the way(There are that lucky few tho) but rather wins come in here and there and its a lovely surprise (for me competitions are a fun and  not a necessary )

So lets start with the basics

  • Email .

Start by setting up a dedicated email address just for competitions . You will also receive a lot of newsletter and emails from company’s and these can easily fill your inbox and make finding your normal non competition related emails hard to find.

Make your competition email simple , you will be typing it ALOT! Try to avoid having the words competition ect in the email address .

Check for winning emails frequently (i check daily )and always check your junk folder !


  • Where to find competitions

There are many places to find competitions , whether it be online competitions, postal competitions or even local competitions there are thousands out there to be entered . I personally only enter free to enter competitions altho there is paid sites , for me this isn’t what my hobby is about.


  • Online competitions.

I love online competitions and for me there is one site that tops the rest in my opinion and I recommend to friends and family . Online competition sites have large lists of comps that you can enter and work down the list,enter certain category’s , count your enter amount and some have chat features to chat to fellow comper’s.
My favourite site is http://www.competitiondatabase.co.uk please check them out and sign up to the site , The site is run by Nicola & Mark and they are lovely and friendly ,often found on the online chat to offer help and advice or chitchat , The site offers any category’s for prizes, ending soon, instant wins and many more so a brilliant all round site! It also has a competition counter ,something that comes in very handy indeed .For websites running there own competitions i suggest signing up as you will more than likely  be visiting them quite frequently in the future .


  • Local competitions

These are normally run by shops/shopping centre or businesses , they can also be found in newspaper or local magazines or leaflets . Searching your local area for competitions online can be very helpful.


  • Postal competitions

These can be found online , via TV competitions ect. Some are free post but most require a stamp on either a postcard or plain envelope ( I bulk buy plain postcards on eBay ) I tend to not enter as many of these as due to the price of stamps can start to add up with not many results.


  • TV or Magazine competitions

These can also be found online via their website and sometimes offer free entry online rather than the costs of calls.


  • Social media

Facebook , Twitter or similar sites are brilliant for competitions and offer lots of different types.

There are your normal competitions but look out for FreebieFriday comps winitwednesday comps and similar.
Finding competition friends can be helpful and you can all look out for new competitions or winner statuses , There are dedicated groups for competitions winner announcements  and these can also be helpful.

Be Warned you can be banned for certain periods of time for liking to many pages ect and Facebook in particular can easily be over took with competitions and keeping up with friends and family status updates can easily get lost. It is against Facebook rules to have more than one Facebook profile. I have found no issues with twitter altho the bans can still be an issue (i have never received a twitter ban but have Facebook).


  • Instant wins

i love instant win competitions ! altho I don’t seem to be very lucky with them .

A simple search will help you find these or as mentioned above check out http://www.competitiondatabase.co.uk  . These guys work super hard to add top quality competitions and have a lovely selection .


  • when should you enter 

Remember competitions should be fun!, I enjoy entering competitions in the evening after my daughter has gone to bed and its mummy chill out time , take as long as you want, whether it be 20 mins or two hours .I keep it varied , some months doing them every day and others a few a month depending on when i have time available .Over the years I have entered a few and won a few and entered 400 – 600 a day and not won a thing so do what you feel comfortable with . I like to think of it as a fun hobby and if i get a win then this is an amazing bonus!

Remember to only enter for things you want/need or for family ect and then if you have time enter others ,this will make things easier.


  •  Checking for wins

As mentioned before check emails frequently especially if entering large numbers of competitions and always check your junk folder , Make sure you enter your details correctly on the sites as some company’s phone to notify winners.

Twitter you will receive a notification if you are mentioned in a post
On Facebook if you change you’re setting to English US and then type your name in the search bar you will see messages you have been tagged in . Also keep an eye out for groups or pages posting about winners.

Please note some Facebook and social media competitions do not give you long to claim your prize!

Instant wins you find out there and then. Please note if you get a win via an instant win competition I suggest taking a quick screenshot or photo of the screen just for verification should there be an issue .

Sometime company’s post prizes that will be received before you receive the email or call to notify you so keep an eye out for delivers.


Finally remember competitions should be fun!, Only do what you have time for and for things you  want  , sometimes you win sometimes you don’t, it’s all part of it.


I keep a post-it-note stuck onto the laptop with email and competition passwords ,mobile number and any other info i need to remember.

Have fun, Good luck and enjoy!!!



(I will update this if i have left anything out, please excuse any  spelling errors  )


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