Fitness trackers and watches have become increasingly popular over the last few years and with prices varying hugely from around £10 into the hundreds it got me wondering are the cheaper brands any good? Yes those top of the range trackers will have more fancy features but what about for the average person looking to just track their day-to-day life .


The TW64 looks extremely similar to the fit-bit in appearance but couldn’t be more different when it comes to price, with the fitbit charge coming in around the 70 – 100 pounds mark and the TW64 costing me under £6!!




What’s in the box

1 wristband

1 USB charging cable

1 user manual








Features .


  • call/message reminder
  • sleep monitor
  • calorie consumption
  • movement distance
  • anti lost alarm
  • selfie function
  • Drink /movement/alarm reminder

Box info 


The first smart bracelet with OLED, recording sports data in daytime and sleep data at night to guide healthy living lifestyles.

Host comes with a standard USB port, special design to charge through Pc and mobile driver .

computers and android duel mode synchronous data,Host syncs via wireless bluetooth,also PC viaUSB

Designed with IP67 for good waterproof performance.

Using led lights and motor to remind twice.



  • Basic pedometers

Weight 18g unpacked

three rate IP67

work temperature -20c – + 45c

operating temp -40c  – + 45c


  • Hardware specifications

Charge method standard USB charging

display size 0.49&0.91 inch OLED screen

battery 40 mAh polyer battery

standby time 4 days

iPhone4/5/5s,iPod touch5,iPad3etc,iOS6.0 or above,Android4.2,Bluetooth4.0+smartphones




The TW64  comes with a USB charging cable. This plugs into a laptop/pc or charging plug, the other end clips onto the fitness tracker making contact with three metal tabs on the underside of the watch .we have found charging for around an hour is enough to last upto 5 days .


Fitness app 


The TW64 uses the MOVNOW pluss app on android . We have found this simple to use and have found no real issues although it’s not the prettiest of apps it does the job.


What we found


After receiving this we were very excited to try this out and see if it was as good as other fitness trackers on the market.

Setting this up was extremely easy, just pop it on charge for a little while then your good to go!.

while the instruction manual doesn’t  offer much info with regard to the tracker it does focus a lot on the app and how to set this up. we had no trouble with this as its pretty self explanatory .

The fitness tracker itself is made from TPU Polymer composite materials , this is rubbery to the feel and soft and comfortable  .The clasp is the same as the fitbit charge clasp and all tho we didn’t find this to become loose or undo i would suggest purchasing a clip to keep this in place to be on the safe side .


Once charged and the app all set up this is pretty simple to use and understand.

We did not need to reset the time or date as these are already set correctly .

On clicking the screen options there are 5 .

Time,Date and Battery charge.

Pedometer .

Distance walked ect .

Calories burned

Sleep time .


We have found these to be very accurate and working smoothly .

The fitness tracker once linked to the app via bluetooth will inform you of text messages received or incoming calls by vibrating two times. You can also set reminders to take a drink, sitting down for to long or for taking medication ect that will also vibrate .

We found the vibration to be good for these things But i did not find this would wake me if i was sleeping so wouldn’t use this for a morning alarm .

You can also take photos using the app and the tracker something we thought was a nice touch .

We found the strap size to be good , fitting both my 11-year-old daughter wrist and mine also no problem with plenty of room for a larger wrist size also.  We loved the colour selection you can get for the watch strap either when  you purchase or purchasing separately online.


Overall we love this fitness watch and for day to day tracking it is perfect for us.


As much as we would love a fitness watch that included a heart rate monitor , This tracker covers every other area we needed.

Being able to check the app in the evening and seeing the data in an easy to read app is perfect and surprising to see just how far you can walk in a day doing your usual daily activity’s , and the notification for incoming calls and messages is very welcomed indeed!.


We would recommend this to friends and family and anyone looking for a tracker for day to day activity’s or jogging ect.


We will update this post with any issues we face in the future if needed and pictures.

We purchased this item from ebay with free postage, although it is also widely available online from other sellers and stores


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