Wax melts are my new favourite thing! A perfect way to make a room smell yummy and be pleasing to the eye at the same time.

We had the pleasure of testing and reviewing a beautiful small hamper from Magical melts ( http://www.magicalmelts.co.uk  ) and it did not disappoint.


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The basket came extremely well wrapped and arrived in perfect condition .

Upon opening it you could smell the amazing  wax melts and it filled the room with yummyness. even Max and Tikaani had to come over for a little sniff .

The basket contained the most beautiful little bags filled with very pretty melts containing glitter and we really enjoyed having a sneak peak at all the different designs we had received from flowers to dinisours!

The lovely lady’s over at Magical melts are extremely friendly and quick to reply to any questions or messages you may have via contacted them though facebook ,the website or direct .

They also make items to suit every budget and we are over the moon with our item.

We didn’t need a burner as we already have one and our own candles so they tailored our basket for us.

I also ordered a surprise gift basket for my brother and they are also over the moon with it!!



Every item created my Magical melts is made with love and passion and this relay shows through.

Gifts for any occasion can be made and you wont be disappointed .


  • What we thought

We are very pleased with our small gift basket full of yummy smelling wax melts . we already have a large wax melt burner so this for us was not needed with our order.

The melts themselves are small in size( as per our order request) but they are full of flavour .

They take only a few minutes to melt but after they last for a long time and fill the room with a beautiful  scent that is not too over powering or too faint but just right!

We love to sit and watch these melt and couldn’t wait to try them all. The glitter is a beautiful touch as are the shapes .Our favourite time to burn these are during bath time as there is nothing more relaxing them a nice warm bubble bath and the room being filled with your favourite scene.


There are lots of options available and orders can be suited to your requests and not forgetting the special offers! every order is hand made and can take upto 7 days to complete the order .




Remember never to leave candles unattended and not to leave wax melts in reach of children and animals.



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