We have been very excited to test and review this product and it most certainly did not disappoint !

There are many drinks bottle and mixers on the market all claiming they have the upper hand against other leading brands and this can become confusing when trying to choose the drinks mixer that is right for you, after all these come in a little more money than the bog standard bottle so it makes sense to find the one that suits you, And that’s what we love about the PROMIXX vortex mixer, Not only is it extremely pleasing to the eye, It also give amazing smooth shakes every single time but we also use it in the kitchen for anything from making frothy kids milkshakes to mixing eggs ! And its pretty popular with the celebs and athletes too .




  • Whats  in the box

1 x limited edition hot pink original vortex mixer http://promixx.com/products/promixx-limited-edition-hot-pink-the-original-vortex-mixer

( 600ml tumbler ,sports drinking cap ,detachable power base)

PROMXX leaflet on how to use and clean


Spare leak proof sports cap lid

USB charging cable

fully integrated nutripod supplement storage container

ultra high torge Lithium-ion rechargeable motor


  • Features 

The worlds most powerful vortex mixer

athlete tested ergonomic design with 600ml capacity

detachable motor, for ultra lightweight portability

twist seal lid 100% leak proof! guaranteed

scientifically engineered blade preserves micronutrients for improved protein performance

internal self-cleaning. simply add water and a drop of detergent and turn on

sports cap for on the run nutrition


  • What the website tell’s me 


PROMiXX Hot Pink Vortex Mixer. The worlds most advanced protein shaker and supplement mixer. In the super stylish Limited Edition Hot Pink!

A hassle free method of mixing your powdered supplements and a real head turner in the gym! The Hot Pink PROMiXX vortex mixer is now as popular with the guys as it always has been with the girls!

The ultra high torque detachable motor and PROMiXX’s specially designed X-Shaped blade, creates a perfect vortex to effectively blend whey proteins and nutritional supplements with liquids, whilst preserving the delicate protein structures. Superior supplement mixing power in the palm of your hand, anywhere in the world, for the smoothest shakes on the planet!


  • Upgrade pack
The PROMiXX Upgrade Pack is the ultimate accessory to the original PROMiXX Vortex Mixer! The Upgrade Pack comes complete with a more powerful Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Motor and the NUTRiPOD Supplement Storage Unit. Now your PROMiXX can handle thicker Mass Gainer powders, a six egg Omelette, Protein Pancake Mixx, Muscle Mouses, and much more!
  • What we found


We got stopped everywhere we took this amazing product. its unlike anything we have used before and really is pleasing to the eye.

There is something really satisfying about being able to watch the vortex and we were very impressed at the power this mixer has! we would highly recommend getting the upgrade pack that is USB chargeable and contains a powder storage container, this came in really handy and seemed to kick out a lot more power than my battery’s although battery’s alone where still pretty impressive too.

The drink container itself is a 600ml tumbler with a sports drinking cap lid boasting to be 100% leak proof. we tested this in every way we could think of, from shaking it vigorously to dumping it in our bags and so on but it didn’t spill a drop.

We loved this also as with some drinks products after a few washes they seem to get a funny smell/taste. this DID NOT happen with the PROMIXX ! in fact this beautiful drinks container has been as new every single time ! and we have used it constantly . washing is as simple as filling with water and dropping on drop of washing up liquid inside and turning on . although we also pop inside the dishwasher and haven’t found any problems (removing the base first) .


The fact that this is also like having a mini kitchen mixer is also a huge bonus! we love omelets and pancakes in the morning and why have all that extra washing up when the PROMIXX is more than capable of handling it.

We love the deign and power this item has and although  we have the amazing limited edition hot pink there are many more available to suit your preference.

The website states that this item is very popular with athletes and we can see why. perfect smooth shakes every single time!!and with 1 year warranty .

We found the team at PROMIXX to be extremely helpful and quick to reply to any questions we may have .We love this product and cannot recommend highly enough .




Check it out for yourself over at http://promixx.com   . You will not be disappointed !


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