Peppermint creams bring back lots of happy childhood memory’s and there easy to make with the whole family . yum!


  • Ingredients 

450g icing sugar

1 egg white

drop or two of peppermint essence

food colouring (optional)


  • Method 

In a bowl add the icing sugar . In a separate bowl whisk the egg white until frothy, then add it to the icing sugar with one or two drops of peppermint essence (to suit your own  taste) .

Mix together with a wooden spoon to make a thick paste .

Knead until very smooth .

  • (optional) 

At this point if you wish to have coloured peppermint creams divide the mixture up and colour each  by adding a drop or two of food colouring and mixing in )

Use your hands to make small balls of the mixture then flatten them into disc shapes and lay them on a wire rack or tray to harden slightly



  • optional 

you can also dip peppermint creams in melted chocolate and leave to set . yum!


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